TO MY AMAZING CUSTOMERS: Due to recent health concerns I have had to slow down my production time quite a bit. I have been informed by my physician that my hands and wrists cannot continue to handle the stress of working at the pace and volume I have been for the past 4 years. I plan to have all pending orders out by Summer Solstice or hopefully in about two months time of purchase date. Unfortunately, I wont be able accept any more custom orders at this time but I hope to be able to take back my creativity by creating one-of-a-kind pieces as often as possible and selling them in my shop. In addition to this I would also like to continue to share my knowledge through my E-Books and hope to have Volume II out mid-summer 2017. I thank you so much for your understanding and I truly appreciate your support during this difficult time. Sending all my love! xoxox, Alex

Fair Daze

Fair Daze Collection
Daisy Festival Crop Tops 
Sweetheart Halter
Merica Crop Top
Watermelon Crop Top